Baltimar Schifffahrt & Transport
Baltimar Schifffahrt & Transport


Since offshore-business became part of our working area, our company handled a lot of offshore-units with satisfied customers.

Several windparks within southern Baltic Sea , i.e. “KRIEGERS FLAK”, “BALTIC 1”, “BALTIC 2”, "GENNAKER" and more have been built during the last years, assisted by a lot of vessels which have been served by our company when they came into port. From our main office at Rostock we are also able to assist your vessels at smaller ports near Rügen-Island like Sassnitz, Mukran and Lubmin.

Knowing the challenge of this fast-moving business we are able to offer you all required services on a quick and easy way, such as:

  • general ship clearances
  • mobilization/demobilization of offshore-vessels incl. arranging equipment like cranes, forklifts etc
  • crew changes incl. immigration formalities and hotel arrangements
  • customs clearances
  • delivery of spare parts / provisions
  • and many more...